NATICK, MA, April 15-Cognex Corp., provider of machine vision solutions, has expanded its international manufacturing and distribution operations and moved into a new facility in Cork, Ireland. The increased space is needed to meet growing demand for Cognex products in those regions outside of the U.S.

The 20,000 square-foot building was designed to Cognex’s specifications and provides 50% more space than the previous location, which was also in Cork. The new facility will be the center for shipping products to Cognex customers in Europe, Asia and Japan.

“Cognex first opened a manufacturing operation in Cork several years ago in order to provide more responsive service to our international customers,” says Dr. Robert J. Shillman, Cognex Chairman and CEO. “As our international business has expanded, so has the need for increased manufacturing and distribution capacity. This new facility provides Cognex with the space to support that growth, and it will help us to be even more responsive to our international customers, distributors and partners.”

The new facility employs 39 employees who are responsible for procurement, configuration, kitting and distribution of Cognex vision systems, sensors, software and ID readers-devices that help manufacturers automate the production of a broad range of products by inspecting, identifying and tracking items during the production process.

Office information:
    Cognex Ltd., Ireland
    2008-2014 Block 2000
    Gateway Business Park
    Mallow Road
    Cork, Ireland
    +353 21 421 7500