COURBEVOIE, FRANCE, June 17-François Blateyron, R&D director at surface metrology solutions provider Digital Surf, received a 2008 Normalisation Trophy from the UNM, the French union for normalization in the domain of mechanical engineering, for his work on surface metrology on French and ISO standards committees.

Blateyron has been developing surface metrology solutions at Digital Surf since 1992. In 1999 Blateyron became a member of the UNM committee responsible for defining surface metrology standards in France and one of the French experts on ISO technical committee TC213. Blateyron is an active member of work group WG15, responsible for advanced filtration techniques defined in ISO 16610, and work group WG16, responsible for defining ISO 25178, the first international standard on 3-D areal surface texture.

In addition to thanking his UNM and ISO colleagues, Blateyron expressed particular thanks to Digital Surf software engineers who implemented new algorithms for ISO 16610 filters and for calculating ISO 25178 3-D parameters, thereby making an unseen but nonetheless significant contribution to the new standards.

Blateyron has made a contribution to the diffusion of the new standards at international conferences and in the press. In addition he has worked closely with the JSPE (Japan Society for Precision Engineering) to explain the new standards and to achieve the participation of Japanese industrialists in ISO.