EAST LONGMEADOW, MA-Genesys Instruments Inc., a manufacturer of precision borescope systems for visual inspection, image capture and documentation, has changed its name to GenScope Inc. The new name is central to the company’s new program to advance the brand. GenScope’s new theme line “See What You’re Missing” showcases the pivotal role that GenScope optics play in quality control and documentation for high-performance manufacturing settings.

President David Reeves says, “Exciting growth is propelling us in industries where advanced power components like helicopter transmissions, shuttle engines, automotive engine blocks and turbine blades are manufactured. Our customers are among the biggest automotive, aerospace and industrials in the world. Our new name GenScope immediately telegraphs stronger name identification with borescopes-our focus and passion since 1992.

GenScope manufactures a full line of GenScope brand standard and custom borescopes in East Longmeadow, MA. The company’s on-staff application specialists provide system selection guidance, training and counsel in advanced borescope inspection and documentation systems.