MINNEAPOLIS, September 23-Stratasys, manufacturer of additive fabrication machines and prototype parts, announces the availability of new material options for its direct digital manufacturing and prototyping machines. For the FDM 360mc, PC and PC-ABS are now available, and for the FDM 400mc ABSi and PC-ISO are new options.

The new thermoplastic selections give users access to stronger, more flexible and higher temperature materials. With these new options, they can better match materials to needed properties, ensuring parts have better performance.

“From conceptual prototyping through direct digital manufacturing, we’re committed to providing manufacturers with solutions to build accurate parts for testing or end-use,” says Product Marketing Manager Fred Fischer. “The new materials give FDM users new options to help them expand their rapid prototyping and production operations.”

New Materials for FDM 360mc
The addition of PC for the Stratasys FDM 360mc system provides users with improved accuracy, durability and stability, so they can create stronger prototypes or parts. PC is particularly useful for design or manufacturing engineers in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. The PC material is available in 0.007-, 0.010- and 0.013-inch slice thicknesses.

PC-ABS is one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics and is commonly used in automotive, electronics and telecommunications applications. The addition of the material for the FDM 360mc machine provides users with the strength and heat-resistance characteristics of PC, while adding the increased flexibility of ABS. PC-ABS is available in 0.005-, 0.007-, 0.010- and 0.013-inch slice thickness options.

New Materials for FDM 400mc
The addition of PC-ISO to the FDM 400mc offers users a tough polycarbonate material that can be sterilized for medical device or food and pharmaceutical handling equipment applications. It has high impact and flexural strength and can handle high temperatures. PC-ISO is available in 0.007-, 0.010- and 0.013-inch slice thicknesses.

Adding ABSi as an option for the FDM 400mc will offer users a strong material that is translucent, which is helpful in applications such as automotive lighting. The material is also beneficial in applications that require monitoring of liquid or particle flow. ABSi comes in clear, red and amber and can be built with 0.005-, 0.007-, 0.010- and 0.013-inch slice thicknesses.