ST. LOUIS – Tom Dustman, a 29-year veteran of Sunnen Products Co., has been named Director of Global Sales for the St. Louis-based leader in precision bore machining technology. Prior to this promotion, Dustman was Sunnen's Global Manager – Premier Accounts.

Throughout his career at Sunnen, Dustman has been an integral part of company growth and development of new products. Instrumental in developing conventional and superabrasive honing products, he managed Sunnen's Abrasives and Lubricants business group. Dustman helped establish Sunnen's abrasives manufacturing operations in China and led sales and marketing activities in South America and Canada. He has chaired the International Honing Clinic and has addressed international audiences and Fortune 500 companies on abrasives and finish bore machining.

"Tom has served in a variety of sales, marketing and operational roles for Sunnen," says Mike Haughey, Chief Operating Officer. "He has extensive experience with our customer base and distributor network in the United States and globally, and he is highly respected both within Sunnen and with our customers for his knowledge, expertise and customer focus."

In his new role as Director of Global Sales, Dustman will be responsible for setting strategy and coordinating all sales activities for Sunnen on a worldwide basis.

Sunnen Products is a vertically integrated manufacturer of machining systems, abrasives, tooling and lubricants for precision bore sizing. The company employs more than 650 people worldwide, with offices, manufacturing and tech support facilities throughout Europe, China, the U.K. and the United States.