CARLSBAD, CA - SMAC Inc. has launched a newly redesigned corporate website. The site, divided into seven major sections, has been designed to provide current and prospective customers access to the information they're looking for quickly and easily. The navigation scheme has been standardized across the site so visitors can get to almost any page on the site directly from any other page. Particular attention was devoted to making sure most content could be accessed with a minimum number of clicks.

Content on the site has been expanded, with more in-depth information about potential applications for SMAC's products, as well as case studies where moving coil actuators have helped solve tricky engineering challenges. Streaming Flash video shows SMAC's products in action, and a new search function allows visitors to jump directly to any information they're looking for.

Technical drawings for SMAC’s actuators, controllers and other products, can be readily downloaded. Most are available in three different formats, and the company is investigating the possibility of expanding for number of options available.

Distributors of SMAC's products will benefit from a streamlined distributor listing tool, as well as the ability to access password-protected order status reports.

In addition to the company’s main English language site, existing SMAC websites in Japanese and Chinese will be converted to the new design, and versions in German, French, Dutch and Korean will be deployed. The new website can be viewed