SOUTHFIELD, MI-The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) is seeking industry volunteers to create a guide to effective error proofing. Ineffective error proofing in the automotive industry results in poor quality, loss of revenue from repeat issues, low customer retention and additional nonvalue-added activities that reduce quality.

A current AIAG committee is working on the Guide to Effective Error Proofing. Chaired by Dana Corp.’s David Kneisler, suggested topics for the document include:

  • Proactive error proofing through product and process design and continuous improvement activities.
  • Reactive error proofing for problem elimination.
  • Effective detection for errors that cannot be eliminated.
  • Communication of best practices and prior experience to eliminate repeat issues.
  • Full integration of error proofing approaches with existing quality tools and procedures.
  • Proactive error elimination and a zero rejected parts per million (PPM) culture throughout the industry.
  • A measurement system for error proofing.
  • Appropriate monitoring and controls for installed error proofing.
  • Guidance for industry error-proofing audits.

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