CLEVELAND – CSA International, a certification and testing provider, is freezing prices on all certification and testing services for new projects, maintaining 2008 pricing in all product areas.

In addition to maintaining prices, CSA International has made significant progress in improving its delivery timelines and, in the past six months alone, has shortened service delivery times by nearly 15 per cent. In 2009 and beyond, CSA International will work diligently to reduce delivery timelines further without sacrificing the quality and integrity of testing services.

The price freeze applies to all current and new CSA International clients worldwide, and will remain in place until further notice. The pricing applies to work done at any of CSA International’s global offices or laboratories.

As proof of its commitment to its clients, CSA International recently opened its first laboratory in Guangzhou, China. The advanced facility enables manufacturers to test products locally and obtain the relevant CSA International certification marks for export to North America and worldwide, saving time and money. CSA International also has offices and laboratories located across North America, and in Asia, India and Europe, all of which are equipped to provide localized testing and certification services.