HOLBROOK, NY-Matrix Metrologies Inc., a supplier of film measurement and WEEH/RoHS restricted element compliance testing equipment, has released an eight-page XRF brochure featuring the company’s complete line of bench-top X-ray fluorescence measurement systems designed exclusively for metal film thickness and composition measurement of common metal finishing and microelectronics industry plating and coated layers.

Matrix’s XRF tools are capable of measuring single, double and tri-layer coatings, as well as alloyed coatings. The tools are specifically designed for measuring metal finished parts such as fasteners, connectors and machined parts, as well as microelectronics and precious metal finished product. Nondestructive measurements can be performed in a few seconds and thickness and composition of alloy coatings can be analyzed simultaneously along with accurate primary metal determination in plating solutions and composition of unfinished base material.

For more information, visitwww.matrixmetrologies.comor e-mail[email protected].