I spend a small percentage of my time reading the news from print publications. I listen to public radio and talk radio during my commute; I read the The New York Times on my mobile phone; I scan the headlines on local and national newspaper’s Web sites; and I also listen to Internet radio and podcasts.

I appreciate the portability and availability of print newspapers and magazines, and often, you may find me reading the local newspaper while taking public transportation. However, I find that my schedule and lifestyle affords itself quite nicely to all the new media options available to me as a consumer of news and information.

According to media communications agency Universal McCann, (New York) new media-including blogs, Webinars, podcasts, videos and social network sites-has seen a significant growth from 2006 to the present. The company reports that over a three-year period, people tuning in to watch video clips online has grown from 31% to 82% globally. The study, which captured data from Internet users in 29 countries, was completed last year.

AtQualityMagazine, we recognize that online media has its place as a timely, updated complement to the monthly magazine. We know that online media, such as our Q-Tube videos and Web exclusive articles are taking off quickly as a supplementary way to get industry information on demand. Our most recent online offering-QualityBlogs-which debuts this month, gives readers another opportunity to tune into the information they want. “Jim’s Gems,” “Managing Expectations” and “Quality Remix” are all new blogs available at www.qualitymag.com that feature a unique twist on quality-centered topics. Jim Smith of Caterpillar and the author ofQualityMagazine’s new “Face of Quality” column uses his blog, “Jim’s Gems,” to expand on column topics and bring up relevant management advice and experiences for quality professionals.

Blogs are another example of the wayQualityMagazine delivers relevant, timely content to our readers in new and user-friendly ways. So why should you take the time to log on to www.qualitymag.com and read Quality Blogs? There are many reasons!

The online forum allows professionals in the industry to discuss relevant quality-related topics, while allowing readers and industry peers to provide feedback. The blogs offer an informal way for readers to communicate with each other, ask questions and provide their thoughts.

It’s also a way for you to get your industry “fix” while you wait for the print version ofQualityMagazine to be delivered to your desk.

In addition to our online ventures, we are continually finding ways to add content to our magazine. I mentioned “Face of Quality,” a new monthly column written by long-time quality professional andQualityMagazine’s 2007 Professional of the Year, Jim L. Smith of Caterpillar (Peoria, IL). Please take a moment to read Smith’s column on p. 34, and then log onto qualitymag.com and click on Quality Blogs for more.

Share your thoughts with me about Quality’s online direction at [email protected].