BENSENVILLE, IL-QualityMagazine announces the inclusion of new blogs on its Web site, This forum gives industry experts,Qualityreaders andQualityeditors the opportunity to share their views on the latest in quality and manufacturing-from management and leadership experiences to business expectations. Readers ofQualityare invited to create an online dialogue via comment threads, or by e-mailing our bloggers with questions or comments.

Jim Smith, LPSD quality manager at Caterpillar (Peoria, IL), writes “Jim’s Gems,” in which he gives helpful advice to management on leadership in the quality field-and poses thought-provoking questions to quality professionals and managers. Contact Jim Smith at [email protected].

Peter Sanderson, president of Total Quality Management Systems Inc. (Cornwall, Ontario), writes “Managing Expectations,” in which he will discuss how expectations fit into quality at all levels, including customer expectations, supplier expectations and employee expectations. Contact Peter Sanderson at [email protected].

LetQualityknow what you would like to see or give us your take on an issue in the manufacturing industry. And if you have something to contribute or stumble across something worthy of mention, whether it is a news item, another blog or a photo, send it to [email protected].

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