LEUVEN, BELGIUM-Metris, maker of 3-D hardware and software inspection systems, and Renishaw, maker of metrology and inspections solutions, have solidified an agreement under which Renishaw will license the source code of the Metris Camio coordinate measuring machine (CMM) software. In order to support its own development, Renishaw also has employed a number of Metris engineers.

Starting from the measurement and inspection capabilities inherent in Camio, Renishaw, using its new development team, will develop its own proprietary CMM software supporting Renishaw’s UCC controller family in combination with the range of Renishaw probing systems, including the Revo 5-axis scanning solution.

Metris preserves full ownership of the original source code and the Camio brand name. Metris will continue to develop and market Camio as its multi-sensor CMM solution as part of its continued commitment to deliver total metrology solutions based on its LK and C3 CMM range.

“Having access to our own software product significantly enhances our retrofit offering, allowing us to complement our existing I++DME interface strategy with a one-stop-shop,” says Ben Taylor, assistant chief executive at Renishaw.