MINNEAPOLIS-Stratasys, manufacturer of additive fabrication machines for direct digital manufacturing, 3-D printing and rapid prototyping, has announced that starting January 1, 2009, in North America it will begin selling its FDM systems through a group of resellers from its established reseller channel, which currently distributes the Dimension 3-D printer line.

Stratasys expects it will improve market awareness by increasing the number of sales and support staff. The new strategy more than triples the sales support for high-end systems.

To maintain focus and long-term growth for both FDM systems and Dimension 3-D printers, the resellers have committed additional resources and capabilities for FDM systems, including a dedicated sales and support staff.

“Our growth strategy brings a number of advantages,” says Stratasys CEO, Scott Crump. “The most important is that the expanded sales force increases our ability to offer high-end systems to a wider audience. Since market awareness continues to be a significant barrier in both the traditional prototyping and new direct digital manufacturing markets, we think this structure better-positions Stratasys for long-term growth.”

For more information, call (952) 937-3000, e-mail [email protected] or visitwww.stratasys.com.