The ND 200 Series of digital readouts (DROs) is comprised of single-axis position displays. The DROs can host multiple inputs, are flexible in configuration and have comprehensive functions. The DROs come in two variants: the ND 280 with standard functions, having a monochrome flat screen, and the ND 287, having a color flat screen, which is modular in design and allows up to four inputs.

The ND 287’s four inputs allow easy toggling between multiple gages, sensors and encoders. Within the ND 287, three additional axis modules are incorporated. Two of them are analog, which permits the connection of analog sensors, such as temperature and pressure, and purely serial EnDat 2.2 units, which allows for the connection and full use of absolute encoders. Also, the ND 287 can be integrated into the Ethernet facilitating remote monitoring.

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