LINCOLNWOOD, IL-Thread gage manufacturer Gage Assembly Co. marks 56 years in business this year. For 37 of those years, Dan Plodzeen, president, has been at or near the helm of the company founded by his father. A third generation of family members is involved in sales and plant operations.

Gage Assembly Co. was founded in Chicago in 1953. Its history includes the use of its thread gages to check and build the components and parts that have advanced space exploration and satellite technology, as well as the quality assurance of components, machinery and equipment operating in variety of manufacturing processes around the world.

The company manufactures standard, special-thread and ring gages for virtually every type of thread including American inch, metric, acme, buttress, straight and tapered pipe threads. Size capabilities run from 00-120 threads per inch to 15 ½-inch diameter and one thread per inch. All gages are manufactured to ANSI standards and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The company keeps standard gages in stock and offers fast delivery on special-order thread gages, including adjustable rings and set plugs.

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