SOUTHFIELD, MI-The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has announced two courses designed to help strengthen quality management systems. The courses are intended for auditors, quality system managers, management representatives, and second- and third-party auditors.

Mastering the Process Approach Step-by-Step.
Changes in ISO standards require manufacturing and service industries to understand, implement and monitor their quality management system (QMS) using a process approach. A major advantage of the process approach, when compared to other approaches, is in the management and control of the interactions between processes. Benefits include:
  • Integration and alignment of processes to enable achievement of planned results. Ability to focus effort on process effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Provision of confidence to customers, and other interested parties, about the consistent performance of the organization.
  • Transparency of operations within the organization.
  • Lower costs and shorter cycle times, through the effective use of resources.
  • Improved, consistent and predictable results.
  • Provision of opportunities for focused and prioritized improvement initiatives.
  • Encouragement of the involvement of people and the clarification of their responsibilities.
Mastering the process approach training takes you step-by-step through the process development tools demonstrating how to use and benefit from them.

Effective Audit Findings for Continual Improvement.
Do the findings from your internal audits have missing criteria or lack objective evidence?

ISO standards also call for organizations to demonstrate continual improvement. Effective findings from internal audits can not only provide your organization with valuable insight, but also facilitate the essential continual improvement within your QMS. However, many internal auditors are not properly trained in the art of providing value-added findings that help to define the root-cause. Instead, process owners are often provided with incomplete objective evidence, missing criteria and findings that do not meet the intent of the process approach.

The Effective Audit Findings course will help you to mitigate incomplete findings, as well as those that do not meet the intent of the process approach, have missing criteria or have incomplete objective evidence.

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