SPRINGFIELD, OH – Benjamin Steel Co. is stretching beyond its traditional role as a steel service center and becoming a major partner in the steel supply chain for its customer base.

The company recently underwent a major marketing initiative to redefine how to best serve customers. Research found that customers wanted more than just a product they could buy off of the shelf and the ability to process it. They needed a place where all their steel supply chain needs could be met under one roof.

Benjamin Steel responded to that need by redefining how they approach the sales effort. Now, in addition to providing both product and processing services to customers, Benjamin Steel offers specialty solutions designed to solve customer’s steel supply chain needs. This formalized approach delivers the innovative and unique solutions that businesses demand to gain competitive advantage in their respective industries.

These solutions include tailor-made programs that combine expertise in traditional product and processing services, along with capabilities in procurement, JIT, Kanban, shipping and logistics, billing and more, adding value for customers throughout the steel supply chain.

Benjamin Steel expects that providing products, processing services and specialty solutions will give customers a significant advantage in this changing economy and beyond. The company also expects to see growth in market share as well as an increase in employee numbers throughout the four Ohio locations.

Likewise, its customers will find savings in time and money by having all their needs met by one supplier. Now more than ever, businesses have to find ways to maximize profits and reduce the myriad of opportunities for unnecessary costs. Benjamin Steel hopes to help its customers do just that by meeting all their needs under one brand: their own.