MAPLE GROVE, MN - Carl Zeiss IMT has opened a new West Coast Tech Center in Irvine, CA. “We are dedicated to supporting the high-tech industry on the West Coast, by providing customers easy access to our most modern and advanced technology,” says Andy Sisler, vice president of sales at Carl Zeiss IMT. “The new technical center will provide more local resources and support for this fast paced market. It’s an exciting time for us because this is a chance to be even closer to our customers, and show our commitment to customer support after the sale."

The new facility is located in an Irvine, CA, modern technology park. The new site focuses on application support, contract inspection services, software training and demonstration of Zeiss equipment. “Providing contract inspection services is an exciting part of what we are building here," says Drew Shemenski, software and applications manager at Carl Zeiss IMT. “With a full suite of metrology systems at this facility, we have the capability to support the inspection needs of everyone from micro-molders, up through traditional CNC job shops, as well as specialists such as gear and turbine manufacturers.”

“This will be a first-class experience for our customers. We’re very proud to have available a full range of our industry leading bridge-type machines and our most advanced metrology systems. “We’re excited about the type of technology we have in Irvine,” says Shemenski. "The Metrotom 1500, is an X-ray based computed tomography system specifically designed for 3-D metrology of small, complex low-density parts made of plastic, composite materials or ceramic. The O-Inspect is a multisensor system that features both tactile and optical scanning and provide tremendous flexibility for measuring parts that approach the micro range of size. We have a variety of surface form & geometry systems to really round out our measuring and demonstration capabilities. The team we have in place also brings a depth and variety of experience that really complements the technology. We are looking forward to bringing all these elements to support our customers."

“There is a lot of enthusiasm at Carl Zeiss around the opening of this West Coast facility,” says Sisler. “While others may be cutting back on support, this additional location is one more sign of Carl Zeiss’ commitment to customer service. We are looking forward to showcasing our additional infrastructure, resources and support.”

The new Tech Center is located at 18 Goodyear, Irvine, CA, 92618.