A miniature confocal sensor with a diameter of 3.4 millimeters is available for the measurement of internal walls of bore holes with a diameter of at least 4 millimeters. The sensor, which is rotated by an electric stepper motor, can measure diameter, roundness, concentricity, tapers and straightness of bore holes. An integrated precision ball bearing system provides rotational stability. The system comprises a stainless steel measuring head with integrated mechanics, sensor probe, confocal sensor and two controllers.

Similar to linear standard systems, confocal technology is suitable for different types of surfaces. The system does not require any reference points during measurements as it also can recognize edges and steps. At full power, tapered bore holes can only be partially measured, as the light spot is reflected past the optical system. However, in the case of a suitable surface, it is possible to measure the diffuse reflection if the power is reduced.

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