AHRENSBURG, GERMANY – Basler AG, a vision technology company, is pleased to announce that it has sold the intellectual property and all assets associated with the solar wafer inspection business of Basler AG to Semilab Zrt of Hungary, a supplier for photovoltaic metrology and inspection.

“This transaction is congruent with Basler’s previously communicated desire to follow a strategic path focusing on larger growth markets and increasing focus on the components business,” says Dr. Dietmar Ley, CEO of Basler AG. During the last two years, the solar wafer inspection business has represented an insignificant fraction of the group revenue, while still requiring a disproportionate amount of attention.

“This acquisition of world class optical inspection technology will allow us to broaden our metrology product range and add a key technology to our well-established portfolio of characterization capabilities. With this new technology, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive range of in-line OEM modules as well as with more integrated and advanced metrology components for material and process control,” says Dr. Tibor Pavelka, president and CEO of Semilab Zrt.

Semilab personnel have been fully trained and have already assumed responsibility for sales, service, and manufacturing of these products to ensure smooth integration into Semilab’s product portfolio and seamless customer support.