G-S Plastic Optics  (GSPO) has upgraded its metrology laboratory with a PerkinElmer Lambda 950 spectrophotometer. The purchase of the spectrophotometer will enable the company to meet their growing program demands.

"We went with PerkinElmer  because their spectrophotometers are recognized as being the industry standard,” said GSPO Director of New Business Development Will Beich. “Many of our new programs have performance demands beyond the spectral range normally associated with thermopolymers. Lambda 950 is the perfect choice for the new work that is coming on line at GSPO."

GSPO produces polymer optics with low stress coatings for thin-film requirements. Their onsite coating chamber configuration also includes a rotation system to accommodate the different shapes that are increasingly prevalent in plastic optics design. The newly purchased Lambda 950 is a high performance UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer, which is capable of making transmission, reflection and absorption measurements across a spectral range of 190 to 3300nm.