The CoaXPress Consortium, a group of companies responsible for the CoaXPress Standard now being developed by the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA), has announced the formation of an Adopters Group. Membership of this group will allow companies that are not principally machine vision vendors to obtain draft standards documentation for CoaXPress to evaluate and develop early prototype systems.

The CoaXPress Adopters Group will allow non-machine vision companies access to the details of the technology for the first time. Membership of the CoaXPress Adopters Group will be subject to registration with the CoaXPress Consortium and to the signing of an Adopters Agreement.

Machine vision companies that are members of JIIA are already able to participate in the CoaXPress Working Group; members of the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) and European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) can participate and receive documentation through the CoaXPress Liaison Group formed by the AIA and EMVA. This group currently has 39 members from 28 organizations.

CoaXPRess background and news

For the medium term, JIIA has asked the CoaXPress Consortium to maintain the master English language specification on their behalf, so that edits are done by a native English language writer. The Consortium has now incorporated enhancements to the specification following feedback from the JIIA Working Group and the review performed by the CoaXPress Liaison Group. This new revision--v1.0 alpha--will be available shortly. CoaXPress is a new digital video interface standard capable of sending video data at up to 6.25 Gbps, along with control and power over a single conventional coax cable – at distances of over 40 meters at 6.25 Gbps and over 100 meters at 3.125 Gbps. It combines the simplicity of coax cable with state of the art high-speed serial data technology. It is also scalable over multiple coax cables, which provides a future-proofed solution suitable for high-speed video systems of today and well into the future. The CoaXPress Consortium consists of six companies that have collaborated to produce the technology and draft specification. In December 2009, this specification has been handed over to JIIA, royalty free, as a proposed basis for a CoaXPress standard. Members of the consortium are Adimec (cameras), Active Silicon (frame grabbers), EqcoLogic (chipsets), Component Express (cables), Aval Data (frame grabbers) and Ned (linescan cameras).