LUXEMBOURG-Effective September 1, 2010, David Marks will act as chief executive officer of Qioptiq, a global manufacturer of photonic products and solutions.

The company’s current CEO, Fredrik Arp, who joined the company as chairman and CEO at the beginning of January 2010, will now serve as its executive chairman.

Prior to his appointment, Marks served as the head of the Defense and Aerospace division of the company since its creation in 2005. Before that, he served as managing director of the Singapore facility for three years.

Steve Shaw will succeed Marks in the Defense and Aerospace division. Currently the director of operations at St. Asaph, Wales, he joined the company in 2001 as its manufacturing director.

The company will experience a transition period from September 1 to December 2010 to ensure a smooth transition in the leadership of the company and the division.