SCHAUMBURG, IL-Having organized one of the world’s largest Six Sigma Green Belt training classes in March 2010 and then receiving many requests for repeating,Accelper is organizing another session for March 21-22, 2011 at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) School of Applied Technology in Wheaton, Illinois.

The Six Sigma Green Belt class will be taught by Praveen Gupta, an internationally recognized expert in Six Sigma. Praveen also led key aspects of the initial deployment of Six Sigma at Motorola in 1986. He has authored numerous books on this subject includingSix Sigma Business Scorecard(McGraw-Hill, 2006),Six Sigma Performance Handbook(McGraw-Hill 2004),Business Innovation in the 21st Century(Accelper Consulting, 2007), andStat Free Six Sigma(Accelper Consulting, 2007).

“I believe Six Sigma training must be an enjoyable experience rather than trudging in statistics and complex methods,” says Gupta. “Instead we focus on imparting many powerful tools in simple ways for solving real problems with a touch of statistical thinking.”

Another innovation in the training is combining social media tools with the classroom instruction. A LinkedIn network has been created to capture attendees’ learning needs prior to the training. The Training combines audio and video presentations of concepts as well as music for changing the pace. The same LinkedIn network is used after the training to offer follow up support for the newly trained and certified Six Sigma Green Belts.

The session includes notes, lunches and a completion certificate at $295 per person. To register, please