ESSEX, ENGLAND- Starna Scientifichas recently installed another new Cary 5000 reference spectrophotometer to increase the overall capability of its calibration laboratory. This helps Starna cross-validate all certified measurements across three high performance qualified reference spectrophotometer systems, wherever this is deemed necessary.

This additional instrumentation also helps to ensure the guaranteed five working day or less turnaround calibration service, which was implemented more than 10 years ago along with the Starna Lifetime Guarantee as part of the Starna customer assurance protocol, under the ISO17025 accreditation program.

“Having three fully-qualified reference spectrophotometers, controlled in an ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 accredited environment, ensures that Starna always has the confidence of cross validated measurements, produced by having comparative back-up systems available at all times,” explained John Hammond, Starna’s technical and marketing manager. “This is a clear benefit for our customers because we believe this measurement capability can only be matched in National Measurement Institute laboratories and it adds another layer of confidence to our already comprehensive qualification and control program.”

The Cary 5000 has UV/Visible/NIR wavelength range capabilities, which allows for the Starna extended range of certified reference materials.

These CRMs are essential for ISO/IEC accredited laboratories, pharmaceutical quality assurance, quality control or metrology departments, and enable them to provide operational qualification and performance qualification of their own UV/Visible/NIR instrumentation.