BOULDER, CO-2011 marks the National Conference of Standards Laboratories’ 50th anniversary. The organization, which was formed to ensure interoperability at a time when the there was limited technology to do so, says it’s still necessary to band together to address common needs. To celebrate, it is making the them of its annual workshop and symposium “Looking to the Future.” The workshop will take place Aug. 21 – 25 in National Harbor, MD.

“Our 50 Year Challenge attests to the fact that we still need to demonstrate the value and impact of accurate and traceable measurement results,” the organization says. “We are also certainly a more international group now. Even our name has changed to NCSL International and we have seen a decade of greater international collaboration.”

NCSL says it’s still in the position of”having to make the case for metrology.” Its anniversary represents a time for the industry to reflect and demonstrate the impact of its work, it says.

“Whether it’s research, application, manufacturing, publications, education or training-submit a paper or coordinate a panel session to reflect on the past, look toward the future, show how things have changed, demonstrate how they have stayed the same, or help imagine and create a new and exciting future,” the organization says. “Come to see, hear, participate, and have fun in the celebration.”

More information about the event can be foundhere .