VANCOUVER, CANADA-- LMI Technologies, a 3-D laser measurement and control sensor technology company, announces that Dasan Newtech has signed on as a certified distributor for Gocator 3-D smart sensors in Korea. As a result of this new partnership agreement, Gocator sensors enter into the burgeoning Korean manufacturing economy through Incheon-based Dasan Newtech.

“With a growing shift towards 3-D within Korean manufacturing businesses, our partnership with Dasan Newtech is an exciting one,” says Kevin Brown, LMI’s Director of Sales. “The continued evolution of Korea’s manufacturing sector presents a unique stage for Gocator’s innovative technology to shine. We believe that Dasan is the ideal partner for us as we tackle this highly lucrative opportunity.”

Product experts from LMI Technologies have provided Dasan Newtech with comprehensive training program. Dasan will receive continued sales support to help them rapidly promote and sell Gocator products through their respective sales channels throughout the Korean peninsula. Dasan Newtech is now able to field questions from Korean companies regarding Gocator sensors, as well as having related information posted on its corporate website,