EASTLAKE, OH-Nextec Laser Metrology LLC, a new corporation that serves the quality inspection market, has established a new 16,000-square-foot technical center and sales offices in Eastlake, OH.

The company is a developer and integrator of 3-D noncontact high precision, high speed, multiple motion axes laser scanning and measurement systems for a variety of quality-intensive industries. Full system automation can be provided for 100% in-process inspection of component manufacture.

Nextec inspection systems will be onsite for customer demonstrations and application development including its unique WIZblade solution tailored for inspection of free form blade shapes. The company designs and manufactures turnkey automated in-line quality control solutions that fully integrate with production lines, successfully replacing slower manual and mechanical systems.

In addition to the new Eastlake location, the owners of Nextec Laser Metrology have over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space at other facilities that house design, engineering, machining, and service capabilities.

The company’s solutions are built upon proprietary technologies combining CCD and laser, innovative electro-optics, image processing and real time adaptive control from Nextec 3-D Inspection Technologies (Haifa, Israel), which originally developed the solution in 2001. Haifa is part of the Israeli Silicon Valley corridor, recognized as a highly influential location for technology development second only to California’s Silicon Valley.