CHANTILLY, VA-InfinityQS International Inc., the provider of real-time quality control software solutions, announces the availability of its eBook, "7 Habits of Quality Obsessed Manufacturers," written by its data guru and vice president of statistical methods, Steve Wise, a Six Sigma Black Belt. The eBook walks readers through seven simple, yet effective steps for quality-obsessed manufacturers to increase quality within their manufacturing processes by better utilizing data, analyzing processes and focusing on value. To download the eBook, .

Steve Wise, vice president of statistical methods, InfinityQS, said, "Manufacturing quality is only as good as the methods applied to the quality program. With the abundance of data available to manufacturers, increased pressure from regulatory organizations and continued scrutiny from customers, there is no room for excess steps in the process if the manufacturer wants to remain competitive. By making data-driven decisions based on actionable intelligence, manufacturers can ensure compliance with industry regulations, generate cost savings through improved processes, and reduce scrap as a result of increased efficiency."

Practicing the seven habits presented in Wise's eBook, many of the world's leading manufacturers have standardized on InfinityQS' ProFicient statistical process control (SPC) platform to automate data collection and analysis on the plant floor, and ensure full traceability across the supply chain. This real-time solution ensures regulatory compliance, streamlines productivity, and provides complete visibility across enterprise and supplier locations through flexible cloud-based or on-premise deployment options and a centralized global quality database.