MADISON HEIGHTS, MI– DME Co., a manufacturer of mold technologies, is now accepting applications for the DME Plastics University scholarship program.

The program is designed to support the plastics industry by ensuring the availability of a highly-skilled, well-trained workforce. The program’s two components – a Student Scholarship and a Continuing Education Support Scholarship – provide funds to support students interested in plastics-related careers as well as to advance the skills of DME customers working in moldmaking and plastics.

Like many manufacturing companies, moldmakers are beginning to face a labor shortage as first- and second-generation experts retire and companies feel the strain of the lack of newcomers to manufacturing professions. By offering educational support programs, DME is committed to enhancing education in plastics-related fields, helping to fill the increasing workforce gap.

How to Apply for a DME Scholarship

Applicants for a DME Student Scholarship must be enrolled in a plastics program at any accredited trade school/university offering a 2-year certificate, 2-year associate or 4-year bachelor’s degree. Those enrolled in related coursework will be considered if they demonstrate a strong academic emphasis and interest in plastics.

To be eligible for a DME Continuing Education Support scholarship, applicants must be employed by a current DME customer and training courses must be in the plastics industry, although related coursework that is not plastic-specific may be considered.

Scholarship applications (available ) must be received by December 1, 2011 for consideration of monetary awards for the 2012 spring semester.

“For several years we’ve offered these programs to help students advance their talents and contribute to the plastics industry’s future,” said Dave Lawrence, president of DME Co. “As one of the preeminent leaders in the industry, it is our obligation and in our best interest to help develop and groom tomorrow’s moldmaking and plastics industry experts.”

DME will contribute $20,000 toward the DME Company Student Scholarship Program and DME Company Continuing Education, awarded in $1,000 increments. Winners will be selected by the DME Education Team and will be notified by mail.

Many schools have participated in this program across the United States, including Penn State Erie, Shawnee State University, University of Wisconsin – Stout, Pittsburg State University and Zane State College. DME hopes to help more schools and students benefit as the program continues.