Hoboken, NJ-Fabricating Partners Inc. has launchedFabricating.com , an online request-for-quote (RFQ) marketplace designed to help U.S. buyers build domestic supplier networks and manufacture made-to-order parts. Their SourceNow platform presents functionality designed to streamline and manage the complexities of sourcing custom-manufactured products, parts and assemblies.

From multi-line RFQs to crucial Supplier profiles, Fabricating.com delivers a productive, paperless system and service supports more than 250 manufacturing processes including machining, sheet metal fabricating, and thermoforming. Fabricating.com requires no IT setup, software installations, or maintenance. Buyers only need Internet access and a standard browser to “source” from any location.

Fabricating.com also launched the “Sparks Fly” marketing campaign to introduce the service and encourage reshoring of manufacturing jobs. The rising price of fossil fuel, climbing overseas labor costs, the declining dollar, and compelling “total cost to own” factors are compelling American enterprises to reconsider their manufacturing strategies and logistics. These current market trends were key drivers for Fabricating.com, which is well positioned to help companies create new supplier networks, reshore manufacturing jobs, support Buy American provision requirements, aid State MEPs with “Made in YourState” initiatives, and verify the “country-of-origin” labeling concept for products sold in America.