CARY, NC-After months of construction, Signalscape announced the opening of a high-performance anechoic test facility earlier this year. The facility is designed with sound-absorbing walls to create a free-field environment for acoustic testing, emission measurements and sensor calibration. With an acoustic test facility, Signalscape now provides anechoic chamber testing and engineering support services.

The walls, floor and ceiling of the anechoic chamber are lined with acoustic foam wedges to prevent sound reflection. This creates a "dead" sound environment suited for acoustic testing. Because sound measurements are not influenced by the room's surfaces, Signalscape can perform echo-free sound power and emission measurements, sensor calibration and microphone frequency response evaluations.

"We're happy to have finished construction on the anechoic chamber," said Jhan Vannatta, president and chief executive officer of Signalscape. "We can now provide device housing and enclosure testing for impact on performance; beam width, side lobe and gain measure for array microphones; and sensor and amplitude frequency response for microphones. We believe that this anechoic test facility will not only provide us better acoustical measurements for existing products and products under development, but since very few companies have such a facility, it will also steer engineering services work our way."

The new anechoic test facility measures 13.5 by 18 by 10 feet. To learn more about the facility and download information regarding its technical specifications, visit Signalscape's Web site at