BILLERICA, MA-Thermo Fisher Scientific, provider of handheld XRF analyzers, offers free training on the use of field-portable XRF analyzers for lead and other metals. This training is offered to provide customers and prospective customers with an overview of the power of portable XRF analyzers, and to comply with the requirements of certain states that mandate that operators obtain radiation-safety training on these instruments for licensing purposes.

The radiation safety course includes: Radiation safety; X-ray fluorescence theory; Hands-on training for lead-in-paint testing; Hands-on analysis of coatings for lead and other metals; Onsite dust wipe, soil (EPA Method No. 6200) and paint chip analysis; Onsite analysis of worker exposure cassettes for airborne lead (NIOSH Method No. 7702); and Overview of RoHS compliance testing and metal alloy analysis.

Visit the company’s Web site,, or call (800) 875-1578 for more information.