Shown is Dr. Carsten P. Claussen (representing the owners) Dipl.-Ing., Vito Angona, managing director of WAS AG, and Jonathan Flint, CEO of Oxford Instruments. Source: Oxford Instruments

TUBNEY WOODS, UNITED KINGDOM-Oxford Instruments has acquired Worldwide Analytical Systems (WAS) AG, a German manufacturer and international supplier of Arc/Spark optical emission spectrometers and preparatory equipment used to analyze the chemical properties of metals.

Oxford states that WAS’ technology and expertise in mobile, portable and stationary optical emission spectrometry (OES) will significantly strengthen and complement its existing product range of industrial spectrometers. The OES technique is particularly suited for the measurement of elements, including key ones, such as carbon, sulfur, phosphorous and nitrogen, in all metals. Inspection companies use OES for maintenance checks at petrochemical and nuclear plants, where use of the correct alloy is vital.

This acquisition is part of the strategy put in place by CEO Jonathan Flint to acquire complementary technologies and double the size of the company over five years.