HOLLY, MI-Quantech Contract Sorting Inc. (QCS) offers part inspection and sorting services to the machining and assembly industries. QCS forms the contract inspection arm of NDT Technologies, a manufacturer of eddy current and magnetic particle based inspection systems for the machining and assembly industries. While NDT Technologies builds inspection systems for a myriad of inspection and gaging applications, QCS uses those systems to sort parts on a contract basis. QCS is capable of sorting any number of parts and will provide quotations, within one day, to fulfill any sorting requirement. Computer-based inspection systems also provide the capability for 100% inspection traceability by allowing the sort profiles for each inspection to be saved in an inspection database for later review by the customer.

Noncontact eddy current inspection services include:
  • Thread inspection
  • Surface and sub-surface porosity inspection
  • Delamination and inclusion inspection
  • Crack inspection
  • Run-out inspection
  • Seam location
  • Spline inspection
  • Broach operation inspection
  • Hardness inspection
  • Chemistry evaluation
  • Bearing and missing component inspection
  • Plasma coating thickness inspection
Contract gaging and inspection services include:
  • Bore ovality, cylindricity and taper inspection
  • Run-out inspection
  • Surface finish inspection
  • I/D thread counting
  • O/D thread pitch inspection
  • Precision weighing
  • O/D measurements to within ±1 micron
  • Complex surface inspection and gaging
  • Precision height measurement