STAMFORD, CT-Feinfocus, a supplier of Microfocus X-ray inspection systems and tube technology, has been acquired by Comet AG (Switzerland), a supplier of conventional X-ray tubes for nondestructive testing (NDT), security, analytics, food inspection/irradiation and semiconductor applications. Feinfocus is involved in microfocus and nanofocus X-ray inspection for electronics assembly, semiconductor and medical device industries, as well as NDT and the micro-electromechanical systems markets.

The partnership will provide customers with a complete offering of X-ray technology and products. In addition, both companies seek to capitalize on continuing opportunities from industry trends toward smaller feature sizes, 3-D computed tomography applications and the departure from film-based imaging.

Organizationally, there is little duplication between the two companies. Feinfocus will expand its presence in Asia through Comet's Shanghai office, and Comet will take advantage of Feinfocus' North American presence in Connecticut and California.