Cognex Direct Park Mark (DPM) Verifier

NATICK, MA-Cognex Corp. has introduced the Cognex Direct Part Mark (DPM) Verifier that enables DoD suppliers to meet new government requirements for unique identification (UID) of parts. The DPM Verifier is a complete system that ensures 2-D Machine Readable Information (MRI) complies with MIL STD 130 L Change 1 criteria for mark quality, and that the data is correctly encoded in the mark.

The Cognex DPM Verifier documents verification results on 2-D marks that have been dot peened or laser marked directly onto parts and printed onto labels and data plates. The benchtop system includes verification software that records the overall score and quality metrics for each mark that is verified, then time and date stamps each verification and stores bitmaps of each image.

The DPM Verifier supports the latest mark quality standards including AS9132 and ISO 15415, as well as ISO 15416 standards for verifying 1D barcodes. It also ensures correct 2-D MRI syntax as defined by ISO 15434 and semantics as defined by ISO 15418. The DPM Verifier includes Cognex supplemental metrics that offer enhanced process control capability.