GARBSEN, GERMANY - Despite the currently difficult global economic situation, Yxlon International, a supplier of industrial X-ray inspection systems and industrial computed tomography (CT) solutions for the nondestructive testing of materials (NDT), reports impressive sales figures for Y.Cheetah, the X-ray inspection system that had been presented for the first time in March 2009.

Even now it can already be seen that the demand for Y.Cheetah in the first year is going to exceed the company’s expectations. Customers’ decisions from the electronics, printed circuit board and automotive industries in favor of the deployable Y.Cheetah are based above all on the system’s easy operation. As a result of the “1-click strategy”, all key functions can be reached via just one mouse click. A brief round of introductory training is all it takes to be able to generate highly detailed X-ray images with Y.Cheetah.