BARRINGTON, NJ - Jeremy Chang, managing director of EO China, announced that festivities to celebrate Edmund Optics' 15 years of local service in China are in the planning stages with an anniversary celebration scheduled in early 2009.

EO's first China office opened its doors in October 1994 under the direction of Robert Edmund and Henry Bai. Bai soon became the EO China Managing Director and under his leadership, the Shanghai office flourished as a critical sourcing and inspection center. Based on the success of the Shanghai office, a larger optical assembly, inspection and engineering center was developed in Southern China in 2005 under the direction of Jeremy Chang.

"We now have 60 employees in our Shenzhen, China location," noted Chang, "specializing in complex optical assemblies within a class-100 environment, optical designs, mechanical designs, mechanical parts matching, and laser engraving. Our optical metrology capabilities include MTF equipment, laser interferometer with fringe analysis software, lens centration measurement equipment, coordinate measuring and projection capability on mechanical parts, and environment testing capability."

He advised that EO's Shanghai office remains a key location for procurement with 10 staff members. The EO China staff recently launched a Product Line Management Team in Shenzhen and will be adding a direct sales force and technical support group to the lineup in the fall.

EO China will be showcasing their latest optical components at the CIOE show, Booth B003, Hall 1 in Shenzhen, September 6-9. A telecentric demo showcasing the benefits of using a telecentric lens versus a non-telecentric lens in making accurate dimensional measurements will also be on display.