On March 1, 2008, Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) reached another milestone in its corporate development. The young high-tech company welcomed its 100th employee. Jan Kuczora (29) is the new production planner at this camera manufacturer’s headquarters in Stadtroda, Germany. The young industrial engineer from Jena, Germany, received a warm welcome on his first day at work from Natalie Bulling-Chabalewski, human resources manager, and Jürgen Sergejew, manufacturing director.

Allied Vision Technologies continues its steady growth in the expanding market for industrial and scientific image-processing. Since the introduction of the first series of AVT cameras in 2002, the company has increased both its sales and its staff. In 2007, AVT invested in the expansion of its German sites. The Ahrensburg office moved into a larger R&D center with its entire Research and Development Department; and a new building at corporate headquarters in Stadtroda doubled its production capacity. "The fact that our 100th employee is a production planner is significant," commented Frank Grube, director of Allied Vision Technologies. "It shows that we are adapting our processes to fit the company’s new size and guarantee our customers a high standard of service as demand increases."

In the first quarter of 2008 alone, more than ten new employees were hired at the two AVT sites, according to Natalie Bulling-Chabalewski. In 2008, Allied Vision Technologies will be even more involved in training talented new recruits. In addition to hiring recent graduates and interns, the HR Manager plans to offer on-the-job training in August.