Veracity Technology Solutions (Veracity), an AGC Aerospace & Defense company, has successfully completed another season of nondestructive inspections (NDI) for the gas turbine power generation industry using medical grade technology to identify impending damage before equipment failures occur.

"The data gleaned with our NDI system allows us to provide early identification and troubleshooting to our customers, saving them money and eliminating downtime in the peak power generation seasons," commented Gary Hensley, Veracity president. "Our goal is to detect any possible failure as early as possible so that the utilities can repair or replace components before it impacts their customers."

During "outage" season, or the months of low power demand, Veracity works with power generation companies to perform non-destructive inspection on GE Frame 5 and 7 engines, and also steam turbines using borescope, advanced impedance plane analysis eddy current, linear array ultrasonic, and boresonic services for life time extension. With its proprietary systems and medical grade technology, Veracity provides real time data to customers regarding the "health" of engine and turbine components such as stators, compressor blades and disks.

"The fidelity of the data our system provides is key," commented Kevin McKinley, Veracity vice president of development. "With the data collected, an immediate analysis of problem areas can be conducted to detect microstructure changes in materials and mitigate the risk of catastrophic failure. The earlier these changes are detected, the faster and more economical the repair," he added.

The aerospace industry uses Veracity's technology to inspect aircraft components such as wing spars, landing gear, nose gear pistons and composite structures.