Palo Alto, CA - Based on its analysis in the field of laser based 3-D vision sensors for industrial process monitoring and control, Frost & Sullivan recognizes LMI Technologies Inc. with the 2007 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Leadership for its wide range of laser based 3-D vision sensor models and configurations.

LMI brings to its customers the advantages of 30 years of vision sensor experience, signified by approximately 100 issued and pending patents. The company currently markets its wide range of vision sensors under the names LMI Selcom, DynaVision, FireSync, and HexSight, catering to a broad spectrum of application sectors such as wood manufacturing, rubber, automotive, robotic guidance, semiconductor, electronics, aluminum, and iron foundry industries. Apart from having a standard product line, the company also offers custom design and manufacturing of vision sensors for large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“Machine vision systems have become indispensable to solve challenging applications, and serve in process optimization in industries,” says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Vishnu Sivadevan. “Vision sensors and machine vision products designed and developed by LMI have facilitated the rapid transition of machine vision from just 2D vision inspection to 3D vision.”

3-D high speed laser line sensors manufactured by LMI are being used for inspection of geometry of products in the food industry. In addition, the sensors perform color inspection to identify abnormalities such as discoloration and bruises and also the presence of foreign objects.

The company’s sensors combine both detection of 3D dimensional geometry and color in one sensor package, in contrast to other vision systems that use separate cameras for detection of these parameters. This feature brings down the cost and complexity of the machine vision system.