Princeton Junction, NJ-Mistras Group, Inc. announces the delivery of a customized bridge system to a major aerospace metal manufacturer in the Midwest.

The 45-foot by 12-foot by 4-foot, 9 axis dual independent bridge system is capable of 20 inches per second scan speeds while running independently or with linked scans. The system also features advanced heavy duty manipulators, pendant control, dual high power heaters and micron level filtration.

"At a staggering 45 feet long and 12 feet in width this was our largest C-Scan system supplied to date," said Phil Thayer, UT systems & applications manager. "By having a scan area this large with dual high speed independent five axis bridges, users will be able to immerse and inspect multiple aerospace grade metal alloys at one time. This can significantly increase the client’s production throughput while maintaining accurate inspections, which is always a main objective with production installations."