BOCA RATON, FL - Imperx Inc. a provider of digital cameras for machine vision systems, announces its selection by machine vision system pioneer Cognex to become a member of the Cognex Acquisition Alliance. The Acquisition Alliance is a Cognex initiative to work with key camera vendors to provide integrated machine vision system solutions to a mutual customer base. Cognex and Imperx will engage in cooperative marketing efforts and enhance their technical relationship to speed qualification of Imperx cameras for use with Cognex VisionPro software.

"We are pleased to work with Imperx as part of the Acquisition Alliance," said Cognex business unit marketing manager John Petry. "Imperx cameras are widely known in the industry for their high resolution, and they are ideal for some of the more demanding large format applications that are faced by our VisionPro customers."

"This will allow us to more readily offer our high resolution camera solutions with the high quality vision software from Cognex," says Nathan Cohen, sales manager at Imperx. "By being part of the Acquisition Alliance we can assure customers that we are compatible with the Cognex software." The Acquisition Alliance establishes a non-exclusive marketing and technical relationship between the two companies. Cognex will provide Imperx with software and test procedures that will allow Imperx to certify new cameras for use with Cognex machine vision software. This ability will ensure that customers have access to the widest possible range of Imperx camera options for their VisionPro applications.