EP Laboratories Inc, a leading independent materials testing facility specializing in mechanical testing at the nano and micro levels is pleased to announce new testing capabilities. They are now able to offer mechanical "push-pull" testing with loads smaller than 200 pounds.

Mechanical push-pull testing comprises tensile, compression, flexural/bending and shear testing, including test setups for friction testing, break and rupture testing, adhesion and seal strength testing and 3-points bend testing. The new tool is especially designed for testing products such as medical devices and tools, packaging and thin films, small wires, cables and connectors, components, and samples which require low test load combined with a high resolution.

Director, Lab Services Ethel Poiré said, "We are excited to be able to add this new testing capability to our range of services. It will enable us to offer more comprehensive testing services to our existing clients, as well as attracting new clients that require such testing for their Quality Assurance, Quality Control, R&D or Production needs. The new test apparatus also provides our clients with an additional available technique for measuring the static and dynamic coefficient of friction."

In addition to mechanical push-pull testing EP Laboratories is able to offer unbiased third party contract testing services such as nanoindentation for hardness, elastic modulus, creep and fracture toughness; nano scratch testing for adhesion and scratch resistance; wear and coefficient of friction testing; Vickers and Rockwell hardness; adhesion and peel testing.