IPD VA3X vision appliances provide quick setup, factory-friendly wiring and support for one or two cameras with choice of sensor resolution. Available in two versions, the VA3X offers operators choice and flexibility to satisfy their near and long-term application needs. The VA30 comes with iNspect software, while the sister VA31 version includes Sherlock. The vision appliances can be positioned alongside other automation controllers, with the benefit of small camera heads for easy mounting. The dual camera capability of the product also provides significant cost savings in multi-camera applications. The units have industrial grade I/O and external connections located on the front, and include status lights for every input and output connection to help application debugging. On the sensor side, the VA3X provides operators with many resolution choices, from presence and absence to high-precision measurements. Standard supported sensor resolutions are 640 by 480 and 1024 by 768; however, higher resolutions to 1600 by 1200 are possible.

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