SGS is pleased to announce the acquisition of Atest SA, a leading Swiss nondestructive testing (NDT) company, based in Châtel-St-Denis, Switzerland.

Privately owned and founded in 2000, Atest serves the energy industry (Hydro energy and penstock, Refineries, Public and Private pipelines) and the Rail transportation, employing 11 team members and generating revenue in excess of CHF 2.8M in 2010.

This acquisition gives SGS all the necessary accreditations to perform Non Destructive Testing, material testing, and inspections and to extend these activities to nuclear plants. "I am particularly excited about this acquisition, especially since it is based so close to our home here in Geneva" said Chris Kirk, CEO of SGS. "It represents a new milestone in our strategy to target the Energy sector for our Industrial Services and represents a new step in our objective to develop our business in Switzerland."