COLUMBUS, OH - ASNT voting members will again be able to vote electronically through a secure Web site. All eligible members will be able to vote at their convenience virtually anytime and from anywhere during the balloting period.

As voters experienced the last two years, the simple process saves members postage and provides assurance that ballots are received prior to the deadline. Unlike paper ballots that may have to go through a variety of postal systems, electronic voters know within minutes that their ballot has been received.

Electronic voters receive a confirmation e-mail stating that their ballot has been cast successfully. With ASNT members working and living in over 90 countries, they have the opportunity to choose their preferred method of voting, either online or by the traditional mail ballots.

On July 7, 2009, all members for whom ASNT has an e-mail address will receive balloting notification e-mails which will include voting instructions, voter login identification and a link to the election Web site. Unlike the mailed printed ballots, which can take several days to a few weeks to be delivered, members with e-mail will receive the notifications almost immediately regardless of where they live.

Online voting is optional, which means that any member who is more comfortable with printed ballots may continue to use that format for his or her vote. ASNT will mail ballots to all voting members for whom there is no e-mail address on record or if the e-mail on record bounces back because it is no longer valid. In addition, any member who requests a printed ballot will be mailed one. Members with e-mail addresses who also want a printed ballot are asked to contact the Membership Department before June 15, 2009.

Online electronic voting is available to better serve the membership by providing an enhanced way for members to participate in Society elections. Members are encouraged to use the secure online voting process, which has been designed to be convenient, user-friendly and time-saving.