CCD Cameras

The credit-card-sized GB-Series cameras are designed for OEM applications that require machine vision cameras within tight spaces. The series of charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras are available in color or monochrome models, with landscape or portrait orientation, and with in-line or vertical connection orientation. Cameras are fitted with a C-mount with adjustable back focus or an optional CS-mount. The Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) Vision compliant interface allows cable lengths of up to 300 feet using conventional Ethernet cabling (Cat5e).

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Proximity Sensors

SuperShorty inductive proximity sensors are available to machine designers. Intended primarily for OEM applications, these ultra-short sensors will help in the design of more compact machinery. The sensors can be installed into cramped places where inductive sensors cannot fit. The low mass enables abrupt acceleration and deceleration on highly dynamic, fast-moving equipment without adding excessive inertial load. The sensors are specifically designed for high-speed pick-and-place equipment, miniature grippers, linear slides, miniature valves and compact actuators.

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Digital Cameras

Two new models have been added to the Grasshopper line of digital cameras. The new models are based on the addition of monochrome and color Kodak KAI-0340 640 by 480 ?-inch charge-coupled devices (CCDs) to the current line of progressive scan CCD image sensors available in the cameras. The new models offer 200 frames per second and full-resolution VGA readout, low noise, high quantum efficiency and 7.4-micrometer square pixels. The cameras include a frame buffer for image storage and retransmission, high-speed 14-bit analog-to-digital converter for data precision, memory channels for defining custom power-up settings, gamma and programmable LUT, and a data flash for nonvolatile memory storage. Other standard features include multiple trigger and strobe modes, regions of interest and pixel binning and in-field updatable FPGA, which controls all camera functions.

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Intelligent Camera

The Impact A20 intelligent camera and updated software, Impact Version 7.5, are available. The software suite delivers machine vision power and flexibility in a vision sensor profile. The camera has onboard image processing, a digital imaging sensor, real-time I/O and 256 megabytes of onboard memory. Included in the software suite, the vision program manager has more than 120 tools, including optical character recognition (OCR), blob analysis, circle gage, circular pattern find, line find and subpixel gaging. A preconfigured operator panel is built in for display of inspection data and pass/fail results.

PPT Vision
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Camera Link Cameras

The CleverDragon suite of camera link digital cameras now includes three high-speed color models. Offered in a resolution range of UXGA to QSXGA, the new cameras are suited to applications such as color verification, color sorting and color inspection. Two models have power over camera link (PoCL) technology to allow transfer of image data, power and control signals on a single cable. In addition, the all-pixel readout charge-coupled device (CCD) enables a maximum acquisition of five-megapixel 12-bit color images (2456 by 2058) at speeds up to 15 frames per second (UXGA) and faster when in partial scan mode. Color can be output as RGB 24-bit or RAW 12-, 10- or 8-bit images.

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Vision Sensor

The Inspector vision sensor is an intelligent vision solution in a sensor package. No matter what angle or orientation the product comes down the line, the sensor is able to verify completeness and quality, even if products vary in size by as much as 20%. The sensor provides a simple pass/fail output, ensuring only the correct product makes it through. Applications include verifying label position, date code presence and cap inspection in packaging, as well as bowl feeder inspection and verification of part assembly. The sensor has a 384 by 384 resolution and an IP67 metal housing and comes with an integrated dome light that delivers high-quality images even on glossy and reflective surfaces.

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