OTTAWA, CANADA - Pleora Technologies, a leader in video connectivity solutions for mission-critical systems, and Framos Imaging Solutions, the largest European distributor of complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and charge-coupled device (CCD) sensors for image processing solutions and systems, announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership that creates a unique one-stop-shop for OEMs and system integrators in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Russia who want to build application-specific cameras and imaging and vision systems with GigE connectivity.

Among other benefits, this single-point of access to the technology and know-how required to integrate GigE video connectivity into application-specific systems is expected to improve OEMs' time to market by helping ensure a more predictable and coordinated development cycle.

With this partnership, Framos - which specializes in tailor-made image processing solutions that bring together systems and components, such as sensors and cameras, from some of the industry's most significant players - will have the capability to marry these offerings with Pleora's world-leading iPORTT video connectivity solutions. iPORT solutions make it possible to add reliable real-time video connectivity over GigE to almost any system, camera or display quickly and easily.

"Framos is exceptionally strong on the front end of camera design, particularly in the area of sensors, and we are world leaders on the back-end, with GigE video connectivity," says George Chamberlain, president, Pleora Technologies. "By combining our strengths, Framos can provide its customers with synergistic solutions that are much greater than the sum of their parts."

This partnership is a win-win for both companies and their customers. For Pleora, it opens up access to new markets and new OEMs for its end-to-end video connectivity solutions. For Framos, it strengthens the company's reputation as experts in creating customized applications and solutions. And for customers, it provides a cost-effective way to incorporate GigE technology into custom systems without having to make the compromises typically associated with using standard off-the-shelf cameras.

"At Framos, we select only the most reliable world-class partners who can provide first-rate, forward-looking products or solutions for our customers in the image processing field," says Andreas Franz, chief executive officer, Framos Imaging Solutions. "Pleora Technologies pioneered GigE-based video connectivity solutions for real-time applications, and through ongoing innovation they remain industry leaders. Having Pleora as a partner certainly strengthens our overall portfolio and enables us to meet the complete system needs of our customers."

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